SiNOZ 10% Vitamine C Serum

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SiNOZ 10% Vitamin C Serum is an anti-wrinkle intensive care serum that helps skin to look bright and even toned with it’s 10% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid content.30 ml

SiNOZ 10% Vitamin C Serum

Antioxidant effective Vitamin C helps to reduce dull and tired appearance; also shines your skin. It helps reduce appearance of fine lines by filling with its 10% condensed Vitamin C content.It maintainces necessary care by targeting wrinkles which may formed due environmental factors and loss of elasticity due to age.

SiNOZ 10% Vitamin C Serum offers a lightening solution with hyaluronic acid in its formula, reduces the appearance of wrinkles with other active ingredients and provides a vivid skin.SiNOZ Vitamin C Serum helps brighten and even out the color tone of your skin by offering to high concentrations of Vitamin C.It makes you feel positive changes on the appearance of the skin from the first use.

Results after using SiNOZ Vitamin C Serum regularly;

An equalized,vivid, smooth timeless, skin apperance that gained it's elasticty.

How to use?

 Apply SiNOZ Vitamin C Serum is to the clean skin except around the eyes. It can be used twice a day.It can be used at night on a clean skin or at daytime before applying make-up. The feeling of heat increase on the face after the serum is applied is normal.It is not drinkable, avoid contact with eyes. Keep it in a room temperature. It is not a drug.

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20 Sep 2020
Ik ben super blij met deze product. Me gezicht ziet er niet meer oververmoeid uit. Ik voel dat het mijn gezicht goed voedt. Ik raad deze serum iedereen aan!