SiNOZ Gold Care Set

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This set includes:
SiNOZ Blemish Cream
SiNOZ 24K Gold Beauty Serum
SiNOZ Eye Contour Cream

SiNOZ Blemish Cream

Take precautions against your intense tonal skin inequalities with 3% Vitamin C!

SiNOZ Blemish Cream prevents sun damage from the active 3% Vitamin C and antioxidant properties of licorice which prevents skin incompatibilities by creating a protective barrier against blemishes that can form on the skin due to many factors. It provides up to 72 hours of intensive moisture support with Pentavitin and Sodium PCA in it and also provides the care your skin needs.


Irregularities are undoubtedly at the top of persistent skin problems. When the effects of the sun are added to the birth periods and hormonal changes, the spots on the skin become inevitable. Even if no precautions are taken, the spots will darken. Here, to avoid spotting during these hormonal changes, we recommend using 3% Vitamin C Blemish Cream regularly for an even, even complexion.


The most important factor in the formation of skin spots is the sun. It works with the power that is present in the formation of new and strengthens existing stains. Sun, which is indispensable for a healthy life, unfortunately does not have the same value for our skin. SiNOZ Blemish Cream acts as a shield to prevent spots the sun can cause.


Wrinkles aren't the only change in our skin with our age. The spots that arise as a result of years of intensive contact with the sun can become more stubborn and permanent with age. Controlling the skin, especially from the age of 30, is completely correct behavior. SiNOZ Blemish Cream prevents the formation of stains from aging. It provides the first need of the skin, which is vital and beautiful, with the support of pentavit.


SiNOZ 24K Gold Beauty Serum

SiNOZ 24K Gold Beauty Serum offers you radiant and firm skin thanks to the herbal extracts in its formula. SiNOZ 24K Gold Beauty Serum is filled with callagen that works against wrinkles and fine lines on your skin and supports a firmer, smoother and younger appearance. Helps prevent wrinkles around the eyes, crow's feet, around the mouth, forehead and eyebrows, lines and sagging.
Collagen is a protein that is present in the body but decreases over time and due to environmental factors (malnutrition, smoking, alcohol, sun, etc.). To prevent collagen depletion in the body, SiNOZ 24K Gold Beauty Serum has a high collagen content in its formula.

Hyaluronic acid in the content of SiNOZ 24K Gold Beauty Serum gives your skin the moisture support it needs and keeps your skin at a sufficient moisture level. With regular use, thanks to the ingredients and gold powders, it helps to increase the appearance of the skin, prevent signs of aging and ensures a moisture balance.

How to use?

Apply a sufficient amount of gel serum twice a day to the clean face except around the eyes.

SiNOZ Eye Contour Cream

SiNOZ Eye Contour Care Cream can be used to remove the unhealthy appearance of the eye such as dark circles, bags, puffed eyes and wrinkles by giving it the care it needs, thanks to its herbal actives and perfect formula. Eye Contour Cream can be safely used because it is specially formulated for the eye area, the most sensitive area in our skin.

How to use?

Twice a day. In the morning and evening before bedtime. Apply gently in a circular manner.  Do not contact the area with water afterwards. Test it on your wrist before using it and DO NOT use it if you have any allergic condition. It's a cosmetic product and not a medicine.

It may show different results depending on each skin type.

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