6x SiNOZ Lemon Cologne| 80% alc.

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With SiNOZ Lemon Cologne, the refreshing scent of lemon becomes the beginning of daily hygiene and freshness. 6x 250ml

6x SiNOZ Lemon Cologne| 80% alc.

Inspired by fresh lemon orchards, SiNOZ Lemon Cologne offers fragrant hygiene with 80 ° alcohol. Produced in accordance with daily use, the cologne provides a feeling of cleanliness and relief from the moment it touches your skin. Produced as 250ml in a special glass bottle, SiNOZ Lemon Cologne is stylish and easy to use in your home and office.

How to use

It is suitable for everyday use. Contains 80 ° alcohol. Caution Flammable. Not in to take!

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