SiNOZ Stretch Marks Cream

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SiNOZ Stretch Mark Cream prevents stretch with Centalla Asitiaca plant extracts formulation.


SiNOZ Stretch Marks Cream fights sudden weight changes, postpartum stretch and cellulite. It will help to restore the elasticity your skin needs and bring a tight and smooth appearance wth its special formula. SiNOZ Stretch Cream provides moisture support needed by skin with Shea and apricot kernel oils, and it has a restorative effect with allantoin and onion extracts. High elasticity of the skin with SiNOZ Stretch Cream 

How to use ?

in areas where skin firmness is lost; It should be applied once a day in the arms, legs and abdomen by massaging the area. It does not leave feeling greasy with its fast absorbing formula.

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